The Importance of Company Uniforms and Your Brand Image

corporate-apparelCompany uniforms and other corporate apparel promote several positive images to both customers and employees and are a very important part of a company’s image.  Not only do they promote fellowship within a company, they communicate your brand by those who see your employees wearing them.

First off, providing a logoed shirt, uniform or other piece of corporate apparel for employees not only eliminates the need for a company dress code, it gives employees a sense of company pride.  It will give employees a sense of pride because it symbolizes the fact that employees work together as a team, not above or below one another. When employees feel like they belong to a team, it leads to a greater sense of equality for all employees. Also, employees of all backgrounds and financial situations would be wearing the same uniform and that would prevent any clashing social status.

Uniforms can also enforce your brand identity with your customers.  Having your company colors and logo in their view while one of your employees are assisting them during a consultation, assisting them with a purchase,  or helping them through an issue they may be having can leave them with a resonance of trust and professionalism with the customer.

Finally, many of us have been in that awkward situation where we are sometimes asked if we worked at the store we were in or when another customer walks up to us and asks us a question.  Having a company uniform clearly distinguishes your employees from customers avoiding this awkward situation your customers may face.

If your company delivers or installs products, or sends employees to a client’s home for any reason, a company uniform will help alleviate anxiety from your customers.  If your customers see a professional looking person with an embroidered polo at their door, they can feel at ease knowing they are opening their doors to a trusted and professional employee of yours – opposed to being afraid to open their door to someone they would not normally trust.

As you can see, there are many reasons why company uniforms can be an important aspect to your company’s brand image – not only for your company’s benefit, but for your clients and employees’ benefit as well.

One thought on “The Importance of Company Uniforms and Your Brand Image

  1. I agree with what you said about how corporate uniforms can enforce one’s brand identity with its customers. I had no idea that it also provides employees a sense of company pride. When I work in the corporate industry in the future, I shall take note of how you present yourself impacts your brand’s image.

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