Treat Promotional Products As Investments To Get Better Results

promotion-itemsWhen you think of “Promotional Products” what comes to mind first?  “Throwaways?“, “Tchotchkes?”, “Trinkets and Trash?“…there are many different names for promotional products.  Yes, some names are less glamorous than others, but depending on your experience with promotional products, you might have a different viewpoint.

For example, if you have had a poor experience with promotional products – meaning, you bought 1000 pens off of a random website, tried to buy products that you wanted for yourself without considering your target audience, made sure you bought the cheapest product available and did not see a return or difference in your marketing…yes, you might be one to call them “trash“.  However, if used strategically, promotional products can be great investments to your company.

At Antina Promotions, we prefer to call promotional items “Advertising Specialties” – because that is exactly what they are! These logoed items have great advertising power when it comes to promoting a business, event or community; creating goodwill among your clients and employees; and creating a quality brand image for your company, to name a few.

How can promotional items work for you in a positive way?  You need to first change your perspective on how these little items can make a big impact on your company – when you start treating promotional products as the investments they are, you will get better results!  How are they investments you ask?

Think of it this way…Would you rather:


-Purchase the cheapest product available to get your name on a promo item

-Purchase a product without figuring out your target audience, first and,

-Give the pen to random people (or maybe forget about the product when you put it away in a closet)


1. The lower quality product you choose may reflect on your company’s overall brand image

2. Your advertisement is not getting in front of the proper audience because you are giving your item to anyone and everyone


B: -Strategically select promotional items based on your target audience’s needs and wants

-Spend a little more on a quality product to not only increase the amount of time the recipient chooses to hold onto your product or use your products, but to increase the image of your brand

-Plan how and when to distribute the products


1. A quality promotional product that is useful will be kept by the recipient and will be used over and over again – creating repeated impressions of your advertisement and brand

2. A quality and useful product will generate buzz about your company

3. You are distributing your advertisement to the proper parties which in turn will give your advertisement a greater reach.

Basically, you wouldn’t go sky diving without a parachute thinking you will survive- try thinking of this the next time you want to buy an Advertising Specialty. By creating an action plan to choose a product that would be useful to your target audience and creating a distribution plan so your advertisement gets in front of the right people, you will start to see how your “trinkets and trash” will become great investments for your company.

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