Spring Products That Will Sweep Clients Off Their Feet

Ahhhh, spring is finally here!  We can now walk outside of our home without feeling the rigidness of the winter air, we can open up our windows to let the stale air out and we can now start that thorough deep cleansing process we call “Spring Cleaning”.  What better time than spring, to start a fresh promotion with helpful logoed products your clients will use to clean their home or office?  Here are a few products that will be helpful to you and your clients – as your clients spring clean their homes and or offices, you will be sure to stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds this spring.

1. Dustpan

This dustpan with broom is a double whammy that will help your next promotion.  Not only is it a handy item that will help clients sweep away dirt in the tiniest cracks and crevaces in their home, it is also compact for easy storage, keeping their home well organized.

2. Clean Sweep

screen-cleanerKeeping computers clean helps promote their longevity and functionality.  Help your clients’ clean their computers with the “clean sweep”.  A multi-tool computer cleaning product that has a keyboard brush on one end and a monitor brush on the other.

3. Frizzy Hand Duster

hand-dusterEver known anyone using a white glove to make sure “everything” was clean?  Pass the test with this Frizzy Hand Duster.  The product that helps you eliminate dirt and dust with a clean sweep of your hand.

So, if your target audience and clients are in to spring cleaning, staying clean or cleaning in general, promote clean living at home or in the office by giving away products that will sweep clients off their feet.

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