Antina Promotions Top 10 Popular Blog Posts in 2013

We all get busy from time to time.  Sometimes, we are so busy that we feel we missed out on something fun, interesting or informative.  Our blogs cover all of these areas and in case you did not have time to read our most popular blogs, we decided to make it easy for you…here are Antina Promotions’ top 10 most popular blog posts of 2013:

1. 5 Ways to Use a T-Shirt for Promotional Marketing

2. Tips on Targeting Demographics with Promotional Products

3. Common Objections to Using Promotional Items

4. Tracking Success of a Promotional Product Campaign

5. The Many Uses of Promotional Products

6. How Promotional Products Can Help Market Your Tradeshow

7. Choosing Promotional Products: What to Expect

8. The Art of Choosing an Imprint for Your Promotional Products 

9. 100 Reasons Why We Love Promotional Products!

10. 10 Reasons Promotional Products Make Great Marketing Tools [Infographic]

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