Components To An Effective Direct Mail Piece That Will Get A Response

Example Direct Mail Piece: A custom printed flash drive package that includes a detachable business card and slot for flash drive. The perfect solution for distributing promotional videos, e-catalogs, e-brochures, proposals & presentations.

Happy 2014!  Yes, once again, we are at the start of a new year.  This can be an exciting time for most companies who feel refreshed and ready to kick off the new year with new challenges, new goals and new strategies to help build and promote their business. A great way to stand out during the start of a new year is to offer a creative direct mail piece that showcases your company and the products and services that are offered.

A creative direct mail piece that will get a great response has three components: a useful promotional product, creative packaging and  a way to track responses.

1. Useful Promotional Product

In order to find a useful promotional product that will give you a response is to first evaluate your target market.  Not only can you choose a promotional item based on your client’s wants, needs and tastes, you can narrow down your selection by demographics such as gender, race, age and even political preference.  It’s like an equation, plug in your clients information and you can find the corresponding promotional items.

2. Creative Packaging

Creative packaging will help you increase open rates because creative packaging will stand out from all other mail items such as the standard boxes that come from the Post Office, UPS, FedEx or any other delivery service.  When you choose your promotional item, you can design your creative package from scratch to fit around the product and theme of your mailing piece.  Creative packaging can come in any shape or size to fit your needs and the best part is you can design it however you choose.

3. A Way to Track Responses

As always, you need to find out how effective your marketing piece is.  One way to do this is to incorporate a concrete call to action in your mailer that is easy to track.  For example, have recipients “like” your company on your social media page, create a redemption code that they can use to place an order, use a QR code they can scan, have them bring their promotional item in to your brick and mortar business to redeem an extra discount, have them post a picture of themselves with the item on Instagram…the creative possibilities are up to you.

Using these methods to create a direct mail piece will help you reach out and remind your clients of your business and how you will be able to help them throughout the year.  To get even more out of your direct mail piece, creating an ongoing-themed series of direct mail pieces that are sent out every few months, will definitely increase your chances of increasing response rates and staying at the top of your clients’ minds.

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