Trick, or Treat? 7 Promotional Items Under $1

Promotional products.  The advertising method that are completely mobile and have no demographic or geographic restrictions on who or where to advertise.  The advertising method that can give you 1000’s of impressions from one single item.  Everyone has at least heard of a promotional item.  Some have even seen them, used them, touched touched them and some may have even a promotional product.  Sounds like a trick, right?  Wrong!

The treat in this situation is you do not have to spend a lot of money on promotional products.  You do not even have to spend a lot of money to sacrifice the quality of the promotional products you hand out.  In fact, for a modest investment, even small companies can gain the type of exposure that large companies that have large advertising budgets normally receive.  The best part (yes, it gets better), you can get quality promotional products for less than one dollar.

Even better, we will give you a (lucky) 7 unique promotional items that you can use to advertise your company for under $1.

1. Cable Keeper

cable-keeperHelp your prospective and current customers stay organized with this cable keeper that organizes cords while keeping your marketing message visible on a desktop.   Available in 16 different colors, this is a great way for tech related companies, social media firms, web-based financial or service companies to keep their prospects connected.

The price on this cable keeper: $0.97 each when you purchase the minimum quantity of 250 and can be priced as low as $0.84.

2. Screen Sweep


Did you know that keeping computers clean helps promote their longevity and functionality?  This soft cleaning brush is designed to gently remove dust from computer monitors and screens. Run this tool gently over dusty computers to clear away small debris and enhance clarity. When not in use, it conveniently attaches to computer monitors with a 2-piece hook and look backing.  This product is available in 16 colors and is also made in the USA.

The price on this screen sweep: $0.082 for the minimum quantity of 250 and can be priced as low as $0.662.

3. Glow in the Dark Shot Glass

glow-in-the-dark-shot-glassThis unique 2 oz. shot glass glows in the dark and makes an excellent keepsake for any event.  Perfect for promoting trendy bars, breweries, nightclubs, festivals, and restaurants.  Personalize this shot glass with your company name and logo to solidify the presence of your brand. Constructed out of styrene plastic, this product complies with both FDA and CPSIA regulations and is free of BPA and phthalates.  Also made in the USA.

The price on this glow in the dark shot glass is $0.96 for the minimum quantity of 100 and can go down to $0.64.  Don’t want the glow in the dark shot glass?  Try the original counterpart for $0.86 for 100.

4. Blinking Safety Light

safety-lightThis round blinking safety strobe light is a battery operated flashlight with a belt clip hook attached.  The light flashes red when turned on with the on-off switch on the back.  Perfect for schools, safety fairs and even Halloween.

Batteries are included and the price for the minimum of 200 is $0.941 and can go down to $0.823.

5. Mini Bottle and Can Opener Key Ring

bottle-and-can-opener-keychainThis mini bottle and can opener opens bottles as well as flip-top cans.  Made of plastic this bottle opener includes a metal split key ring at the end.  Great for promoting restaurants, bars, clubs, catering services and breweries.  Available colors include black, dark blue, dark green, green, red and royal blue.

The price for the minimum quantity of 500 is $0.921 and can go down to $0.50 each.

6. Mobile Charging Shelf

mobile-charging-shelfThis mobile charging shelf allows you to convert any outlet to a charging station/shelf to hold your phone.  All you need to do is simply plug the power cord into the wall and set your phone on the shelf and let it rest until it is fully charged.  This product folds flat for easy storage and easy shipping.  It is available in three colors: black, blue and red and would be perfect for promoting tech related firms, social media firms and cell phone companies.

Price for 500 is $0.902 and goes down to $0.76 each.

7. Del Mar Pen

wide-body-penThis pen is a stylish wide-body retractable ballpoint pen.  It features a silver barrel with matte metallic clip, ring, plunger & ferrule.  Writes with High-Quality Glide-Write (TM) Ink, black with a medium point.  It is available in 6 colors (metallic black, metallic blue, metallic copper, metallic green, metallic purple, metallic red) and is perfect when you are looking to promote hotels, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals, doctor offices, schools, and more.

Price for the minimum quantity of 300 is $0.624 and can go down to $0.53.

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