‘Tis The Season for Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

Now that summer is officially over, it is time to start thinking about which of your clients make the cut for your corporate holiday gift giving list.  Holiday gift giving is pretty popular in the corporate world.  This is because it is a time to send a token of appreciation to the clients who supported your business and helped your company out throughout the year.  Though it is not uncommon for companies to send gifts to their top clients throughout the year, the holiday season is still the most popular time for companies to dust off their list of clients whom they would like to thank for their business.

This year, we would like to talk about food gifts, as food gifts are the most popular gifts for the holiday seasons.  Whether you are looking for mints, candy, popcorn, cookies or gourmet snacks, your choice holiday gift will be sure to show appreciation and “wow” recipients for the long term.  The idea of giving away branded food snacks is to appeal to your clients’ senses and creating memorable experiences for them.  In order to accomplish a perfect food gift: 1. Make sure your gift is tasty and 2. Make sure it has your company’s logo on it.

cookie-tinSome examples of food gifts are cookie tins, that come with fresh baked-to-perfection, all natural cookies with no preservatives.  To lock in their freshness, the cookies are sealed in foil bags so they taste just as fresh as they would if you made them at home.  Each tin has the ability to imprint your company’s name, logo and/or marketing message, and also comes with a greeting card.

Popcorn Tins are also very popular food item gifts. You can choose from one gallon tubs to two gallon tubs.  You can also choose between butter, caramel and cheese popcorn (or choose to send all three!).

If you choose the Mixed Nut Tins, you can choose to fill your tin with mixed nuts, pistachios and/or cashews.  Or, you could also add candy to the mix!  As with all the food gift items, you can choose to have the food items packaged in a tin, a box, a tray, a snowman tin, whatever you choose.

food-gift-towerWant to give your clients a variety of treats?  We also offer Gourmet Towers with a selection of goodies, ready to be imprinted with your logo and sent off to your clients.  Not only can you customize the tin, you can tell us which goodies you would like to stock the tins with.  The tower on the right features three different sized tins filled with Caramel and Butter Popcorn, Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pistachios, Cashews and Mixed Nuts which are all shown in the picture.  Each tower is sealed for freshness and also comes with a greeting card.

There are so many possibilities with food gifts, you are sure to appeal to your clients’ senses and will definitely show appreciation.  With most food gifts, you can choose the type of treat, the container they are packaged in (wine bottle filled with candy?) and of course, the imprint you want.  Don’t think your clients have a sweet tooth?  We also offer sausage and cheese gift sets as well.  Think of anything else you would like to give?  Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask!

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