Product That Will Make You Cooler

A new and innovative product trend you may have started to notice when you are shopping around is now becoming a popular promotional item.  This product helps make you cool during warmer days and activities.  This product is the cooling towel.

cooling-towelWhat is the Cooling Towel?

The cooling towel is a towel made to place around your neck and is guaranteed to keep you cool during a round of golf, a tennis match, a workout, while playing sports, while fishing, biking, hiking or any activity where you may be out in the heat, or working up a sweat.

Our favorite brand of this cooling towel is called the “Chill Out Towel“.  It measures 12″x35” and can be used to cool off or dry off anytime, anywhere.

How it works

To activate the cooling towel, all you need to do is add water and the towel cools instantly.  Next, wrap it around your neck and the cooling towel will keep you cool for hours.  If you forgot to place the cooling towel around your neck before you broke a sweat, no worries.  This super absorbent towel is perfect for wiping the sweat off.

Does it Really Work?

After we received a sample of this towel, we figured we would test it out and let our audience know how great it works.  So, we added water to the towel, wrung out excess water and headed outside in 90 degree weather.

As soon as the towel is wrapped around your neck, you can tell the towel acts instantly to cool you off.  You do not even need to use really cold water in order for the towel to activate.  Next, step outside for a while when it is hot (or use when you are playing sports, working out and being active).  Even though we could notice the heat outside, with the cooling towel around our neck, we noticed that there is a slight chilling sensation that the towel gives off and it seemed like the towel kept our body temperature level.


With a cool and trendy product like the cooling towel is in high demand, normally that means that you can find your local promotional product distributor to add your company’s logo and marketing message on the towel.

This towel can be imprinted with a one color imprint in one or two locations – at each end of the towel on one side.  There are also different types of cooling towels available.  Depending on your needs, make sure to ask your promotional product provider about your options.

Who Can Use the Towel?

Anyone can use the cooling towel.  Fitness buffs, golf players, sports players and fanatics, hikers, walkers, joggers, and more.

So, if you are looking for a cool giveaway that will help you stand out, try placing your logo on a cooling towel and give your customers a product they will use over and over again.

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