5 Promotional Products for Children

With a wide variety of promotional products in the world, it’s no wonder that there are promotional products that can target your “smaller” customers.  From plush toys, to bubbles and everything in between, we have compiled a top 5 list of promotional products catered toward children.

1. Stuffed Animals/Plushies/Bean Bag Animals

There is a huge variety of different kinds of stuffed animals that will be sure to tug on the heartstrings of adults and children alike.  Of course, the best part about these cute animals is you are able to place your company logo or marketing message on their “outfit”.  These stuffed animals are great to display school pride for fundraisers, used as a tradeshow giveaway, and more.


2. Coloring T-Shirts

Marketed as “The Coloring Book Kids Wear”, these t-shirts come with 6 different colored, washable, markers that allow kids to color in their t-shirt before they wear it.  Then, once washed, the t-shirt comes out clean and can be colored again.


3. Awareness/Educational Books

Looking to educate children on the importance of fire safety, bike safety, internet safety?  Or, teach them about banking or not to bully their fellow peers?  “My Storybooks” are the perfect promotional item to pass out to children when trying to teach them about these issues.  Great giveaways for schools, police stations, fire stations and banks.

my-storybook-no-bullying4. Bubbles

Bubbles are another great product to consider when targeting the younger markets.  What child doesn’t like to play with bubbles?  Place your logo on these bubbles and use them as a giveaway at tradeshows, schools, and more.  Bubbles are offered in many different sizes from 1oz to 8 ounce in different styles (ex: smiley face bubbles).


5. Yo-Yo’s

This classic toy will almost always keep a child occupied.  If you are looking to pass out a unique toy to children that will allow them to have fun for hours, try a yo-yo imprinted with your company’s logo.  From regular yo-yo’s to unique yo-yo’s like light up yo-yo’s, stress reliever yo-yo’s, fun shaped yo-yo’s (sports themed, food themed, etc.), and more.



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