How Promotional Items Can Help Market Your Tradeshow

Tradeshows are great events to give your company a chance to get noticed and shine among the rest of the companies surrounding you.  When attendees come to your tradeshow booth, you want to create an experience they will remember. Promotional products can help you before, during and after your tradeshow.

Before your Tradeshow

Before a tradeshow, companies sometimes order promotional items to entice prospects to come to their tradeshow booth and learn more about their company/product they are promoting.  For example, send out promotional mailer to prospects you are targeting and current attendees to encourage them to visit your booth.

This includes two-part gifts and solitary gifts.  Two part gifts are usually gifts that are given out beforehand and invites prospects to receive the second gift when they come to your booth.  For example, pens and journalbooks, dog collar and dog leash, or a coffee mug and logoed candy to fill the mug with.  Solitary gifts are simple gifts to be sent out to announce announce your tradeshow presence (webkey with directions to the tradeshow, promotional bag or stress reliever).

During your Tradeshow

trade-show-displayHand out gifts to attendees who visit your booth.  Usually, passing out items will help them remember which booth they attended.  Higher end gifts can also be given away to select attendees who participate in a contest or drawing or opt to sign up for your monthly newsletter (the winner to be chosen after the trade show).

Antina Promotions also offers logoed tradeshow displays such as  tents, tablecloths, flags, etc to help you design and set up your booth to stand out so attendees know where to find you.

After your Tradeshow

Send a small gift to participants who visited your booth and gave you contact information.  Usually, these gifts that are given out are small thank you gifts showing attendees thanks for visiting your booth and also invite further contact.

Bonus: Measuring Results

How do you know if your promotional efforts were successful?  Here are a few ways:

-If you used a two-part gift, make sure you keep track of attendees that bring in the first gift to redeem the second gift.

-Add a QR code onto your promotional item and invite attendees to go to the designated website and fill out a survey, contact information, etc. for a chance to win a prize or to redeem a gift.

-If you include paper webkeys as part of your giveaway during your tradeshow, you can track how many people loaded the content on the webkey.

Learn more about how Antina Promotions helps you from start to finish for your next tradeshow.

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