The Many Uses of Promotional Products

promotional-itemsPromotional items are products that can be imprinted with a company’s logo, information, marketing message, etc.  These items can be used in many ways to help a company’s brand image, increase both customer and employee loyalty and more.  Below is a list of the different ways promotional products can be used.


One of the main uses of promotional products is for marketing.  This is because promotional products help increase a company’s brand awareness as well as provide creative ways to send information to a customer.  Promotional products also help you promote events and tradeshows,

Customer Loyalty & Coupons

It is quite easy to turn a promotional product into a coupon, an incentive to visit a business, and a way to keep customers coming back for more.  An example of this would be if golf balls were mailed to customers inviting them for a free bucket of golf balls at a driving range.  Also, if you have a long running sale, send out a promotional item imprinted with a coupon that can be brought into your place of business to redeem discounts.

Customer Prizes

Introducing contests that feature an imprinted product with your company’s logo is a great way to use a promotional item. Host a Facebook contest, and send out promotional items to the winner.  Incentive prizes are also a good way to make use of promotional products.  For example, “the first 100 customers to come to our store next Friday will receive a free t-shirt”.

Employee Incentives

Want your employees to achieve a higher volume of customer compliments?  Boost company morale?  Improve personal bests?  Achieve sales goals?  A great way to do this is to motivate employees with rewards, like imprinted mugs, pens, pdas and trophies.

Thank You Gifts

A great way to show appreciation, whether it be to customers or employees, is to pass out promotional gifts, also called Premiums.  To your customers, follow up large sales with a thank you gift for a chance of repeat orders.  To your employees, follow up accomplished goals with gifts to motivate employees.

Membership Incentives

Instead of empty membership fees, give prospects an incentive to sign up with your club, gym, etc.  Give customers “exclusive” or “member’s only” pries for signing up for membership, and paying membership dues.  Not only can this lead to more sign ups, you will have happier members.


Promotional products can help throughout the process of your fundraising event from getting more people to show up to the event, thank them for coming to the event and even help you raise funds.  For example, if you have a sponsor donating a certain amount of money to your cause, you can benefit greatly by investing in high ticket items or gift baskets that can be auctioned off at a benefit or dinner.

All of these methods are great ways promotional products can help you produce results for your business.  The best part of promotional products is that they are so versatile, you can combine any of these methods listed above for a greater impact on your branding strategy, event, company program and more.

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