Common Objections to Using Promotional Items

gavelIf you know the power of promotional items, this post is not for you!  If you are still trying to understand the power of promotional products or have not experienced the benefits first hand, we recommend you scan through these seven common objections people may have when it comes to using promotional items and then decide for yourself.

Objection #1: “Money is tight, I can’t afford promotional products”

Refute to Objection #1: The Cost Per Impression of a promotional product is a fraction of a cent.  If you were to use a bag, cap, t-shirt or calendar in your next promotion, you would find that these items are practically free.

Objection #2: I would rather put my marketing money into TV ads.  They are much more cost effective because they have a wider reach.”

Refute to Objection #2: The cost per impression of prime time TV is $0.019 while the cost per impression of a promotional product is $0.005.

Objection #3: “Why should I put my logo on a promotional item?  Nobody remembers the name of the company that advertises on those things anyway”

Refute to Objection #3: 83% of those surveyed in the Global Impressions Study (conducted by ASI) remembered the advertiser of an ad specialty they had received.

Objection #4: “Is someone really going to change their opinion of me because I sent them a shirt?”

Refute to Objection #4: 41% of end buyers had a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving a promotional item.

Objection #5: “Sure, my client is going to love to take the free stuff I give, but that will not make them any more likely to do business with me”

Refute to Objection#5: More than 1/4 of end users (27%) are more likely to do business with an advertiser who sends out promotional items.

Objection #6: “Unless a promotional product is really high-end, nobody is going to want to keep it”

Refute to Objection #6: 75% of end users say they will keep the items they feel are useful and practical.  As for the others who do not want to keep a promotional item, 66% of end users who do not plan to keep a promotional item, plan on giving the item to someone else.

Objection #7: “I can not target demographics with promotional products”

Refute to Objection #7: Promotional products can be targeted to any demographic.  They can be targeted by age, gender, race, income, ethnicity and political affiliation.

Have we changed your mind?

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