Tips on Targeting Demographics with Promotional Products

demographicsOne common misconceptions about promotional products is that you just buy some of the most popular items and pass them out to random people in hopes that business will come your way.  This is completely wrong.  Just like any other promotion, it takes planning, preparation and most importantly you have to target an audience.

To use promotional products properly and effectively, you need to find out who your target audience is, design products that will be useful and specific to that market, and then pass them out to the interested party (aka target audience).

Another common misconception is that you can not target demographics with promotional products, therefore I cannot choose an audience.  The previous sentence is also wrong.  Promotional products can be targeted to any demographic by age, gender, race/ethnicity income and even political affiliation.  Here are some tips you can use when you need to target certain demographics:

1. Targeting by Age

People ages 45-54 own the most promotional items, owning an average of 9.8.  This is compared to people ages 21-34 who own 8.9 promotional items, ages 35-44 who own 9.1 promotional products and ages 55+ who own an average of 9.4 promotional items.

2. Targeting by Gender

Women most often receive bags (26%) and are more likely to receive bags and calendars. Men most often receive shirts (42%) and caps.

3. Targeting by Race/Ethnicity

African Americans received the most caps (32%), compared to 18% of Caucasians, 9% of Hispanic Americans and 20% Other race.  African Americans also received the most food items, bags and jackets.

While African Americans are more likely to receive promotional headwear, Hispanic Americans are more likely to receive pens.

4. Targeting by Income

When receiving promotional products, consumer brands are more important to people who make less than $50,000 a year.

5. Targeting by Political Affiliation

Republicans are most likely to give away a promotional product to another person (86%) – in comparison to 76% of Democrats and 78% of Independents.

40% of both Democratic and Independents have receive a promotional calendar (in the past year).

Independents prefer name brand promotional products.

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