Second BASI Earned at Antina Promotions

Recently, co-founder Andrew Concord of Antina Promotions received his Bachelor of Advertising Specialties Information (BASI) certificate.  As noted in our prior blog: BASI Awarded to Owner of Antina Promotions, the BASI is the advertising specialties equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.

According to the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI), “BASI holders are recognized as industry experts who have the knowledge they need to thoroughly understand and navigate the promotional products marketplace profitably, and develop solid relationships with their colleagues that will help them prosper in the industry”.

This is the industry’s most prestigious award and Congratulations are in order for Antina Promotions’ co-founder Andrew Concord.  The next challenge, is to obtain the Masters of Advertising Specialty Information (MASI) certification.  We wish him luck.


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