5 Memorial Day Promotional Items to Help Spread Awareness

Memorial Day, in the United States is a legal holiday observed in memory of those who lost their lives while serving our country in war.  As we have said before, promotional products are memorable items that get passed from person to person, in turn, the products receive many impressions.

This is where we come in to give you some ideas so you can help commemorate this occasion while paying tribute for those who allow us to have the freedoms we have.  With promotional items, you can help spread this message by giving out Memorial Day promotional items that people will hold onto this year and for years to come.

1. Patriotic Lapel Pins


Lapel pins can be worn as an accessory, but are mainly worn to show support for a cause.  On Memorial Day, we suggest wearing a patriotic lapel pin.  These patriotic pin designs can range from American Flags to “Support Our Troops”.  Whichever you prefer, wearing one of these pins will show your support for our troops.

2. Dog Tags

dog-tagCustom dog tags can either come with a custom message imprinted on the tag or can come with a downloadable song.  The tags do not have to be worn, rather people may keep them on their key rings or hang them in rearview mirrors.  Either way, these are a great way to pay tribute to the soldiers that lost their lives for our freedom.

3. Camo Products

Camouflage products are a great way to show off your support.  We have many different types of camouflage products available including camouflage hats, camo backpacks and even camo can koozies.


4. Patriotic Beach Balls



Patriotic beach balls are great for going to the beach, concerts, sporting events and even that Memorial Day family or office picnic.

5. Patriotic Car Magnets and Bumper Stickers


Show off your commemoration to our troops by placing a patriotic bumper sticker or patriotic car magnet on your car to spread patriotism and awareness everywhere you go.

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