Appeal to Your Clients’ Senses with Promotional Products

Groundbreaking research performed by the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) has shown that there are different ways customers, potential clients and customers can interact with your brand – including appealing to all five senses: sight and touch, smell, taste and hearing.  This study showcases the fact that promotional products engage your audience in such a way that they will actually see and remember them and accomplish this interaction with the senses.

1. Sight and Touch

As we have mentioned before, promotional products are a tangible form of advertising, meaning the recipient not only sees your advertisement but allows them to hold, touch and feel and actually use the item that holds your advertisement.  This makes the ad a more memorable experience, rather than just a quick thought passing through their mind.

2. Smell

Did you know that we mostly associate memories with smell?  For instance, if you are wearing a certain type of perfume or cologne during your memorable trip to Disney World, studies have shown that when you wear that type of perfume or cologne again, it will being up memories from your trip.

This is also true when you use promotional products that are associated with smell.  For example, if recipients use your company’s branded coffee mug to drink their morning coffee, they may associate your brand with the smell of coffee.

Product Suggestion: 

Water Beads Desk Air Freshener – Allow your clients to associate your brand with this water bead desk air freshener that refreshes their desk or work space with a pleasant scent.

3. Taste

The Global Advertising Specialties Study also shows that “Edible promotional products are utilized by over 75% of the Fortune 100, because of their effectiveness in creating memorable experiences for the end-user (recipient).

Product Suggestion:

The Cookie Gift Box comes packed with your choice or a mixture of Chocolate Chip, White Macadamia, Oatmeal Raisin, and Triple Chocolate cookies. These delicious cookies will bring the end-user delicious memories of your company.

4. Sound

Utilizing sound in your promotions can engage your audience in such a way that allows them to remember your brand in another creative way.  As with smell, sound can also be associated with memorable experiences.  A great way to engage your target audience with sound is to provide promotional products that help them listen to your message or listen to something that reminds them of your company.

Product Suggestion:

With this Prepaid Music Download Card, you can give your clients the gift of music of their choice. Most likely, your client will remember your company every time they listen to the song they were able to download because of this gift.

For more details on how promotional products can appeal to your clients’ senses, see the infograph here.

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