Women Inspired Corporate or Employee Gifts

In lieu of Mother’s Day (yesterday), that special day of the year that we take even more time to show our mother’s how much we appreciate them and all they have done for us, we will showcase three promotional products  serve as great gifts for woman.  Whether you are showing appreciation to female employees, or giving your female client a gift to show appreciation for doing business with you, these promotional products geared towards women are sure to create buzz about your company and/or show your employees how much you appreciate all they do for your company.

While tote bags and coffee mugs are two of the main promotional products that women normally own, stand out by giving them a special and unique gift that they will remember for years to come.

1. Watches

While many may think that watches are outdated because “everyone uses their cellphone to check the time”, watches are still widely used as a fashion accessory by most women.  Watches also come in handy when it is impolite or prohibited to use a cell phone. ladies-watch

2. Belgian Chocolate Gift Box

Most women like chocolate. Right?  Why not appeal to your clients or employees senses by treating them to thirty-six creamy Belgian chocolate candy squares in an acrylic gift box with chocolate available in a variety of flavors?


3. Bath Gift Set

This bath gift set is perfect for employees and clients who need to escape the stresses of the day.  Inside this bamboo tub includes calming green tea and mint scented body lotion, shower gel, luxury bath crystals, wooden hand held massager, bath poof, floral bath fizzer and vanilla tea sachets.


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