Good, Better, Best: Promotional Products for Financial Institutions

When consumers look for companies to do their banking with, the consumer will choose a financial institution they trust with their money and investments.  This is why it is important for financial institutions to build a positive brand image through brand awareness, so they will be recognized by potential consumers.

A great way for banks to achieve brand awareness is to start placing their name in front of consumers.  What better way to do this than with promotional products?  Not only do promotional products build brand recognition, they help with a brand’s recall so consumers will think of the financial institution when it is time to choose a company to bank with.

Here are the top three promotional items we found from Good to Best.

1. Good: Logoed Checkbook Cover/Wallet


Give your customers something they can use!  Instead of a regular checkbook cover, give them this cover that holds credit cards, cash and checks.

2. Better: Piggy Bank


Can be used as a gift to new or existing customers to remind them that your bank helps them save.

3. Best: Custom Phone Skin


With mobile banking on the rise, design a clever phone skin that your customers can use to decorate their phone.  Kindle skins also available.

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