Help Promote Healthy Lunches With Our StayFit Line

As people are leaning towards healthier lifestyles, the promotional product’s industry is keeping up the trend.  A few great products that can keep you from eating out every day during lunchtime come from our StayFit line.  Our StayFit line consists of BPA free lunch containers to help you pack a healthier lunch for when you are on the go.

The first product is the the StayFit Lunch Express.  This product is a microwave-safe lunch container that has three compartments to keep food separate.  This item also comes with a fork and knife that is stored inside the snap hinged lid.  The lid also has a built-in freezer gel to keep food cold.


The next product that comes from this line is the StayFit Deluxe Salad Kit.  This product is a salad kit that contains a four cup salad bowl with a locking tab lid to keep contents secure. It also comes with a freezer gel tray for veggies and a separate salad dressing container.  The freezer gel tray helps to keep contents cold.


Finally, also available is the StayFit Soup to Go container.  This microwave safe, 18 oz insulated bowl has a built in handle with a folding spoon that fits neatly into the top portion of the insulated cover.


If you are looking to help promote a healthy workplace or to promote healthy eating habits, these promotional items would make great incentive items for your campaign.

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