Show Off School Pride With Logoed Products

Students, teachers and parents all enjoy showing off their school pride with logoed apparel and other promotional items.  There are many ways a school can incorporate school colors, logos and promotions by providing items and apparel that will be used and worn to show school spirit.

Some distribution methods for these items could be to give away items to recruit new students (for colleges) or given away during orientation or at a pep rally.  These items could also be sold for a school fundraiser or sold inside the school store.

Logoed Apparel

Some popular apparel items that have been sold or given away to students can range anywhere from t-shirts to sweatshirts, knit hats and logoed scarves.


Student Gifts

A great way to encourage school pride is to give students logoed products that they will be able to use daily such as lanyards, pens or highlighters and drawstring bags.


School Store

In a school store, students can come to choose the items they want or will need like lollipops, food containers, umbrellas and sports bottles.


No matter the promotion – whether it be for fundraising, recognition, school spirit and more, there are lots of great logoed products that will help students, faculty and parents show off their school pride.

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