Scarves: The New Fashion Trend for Winter 2013

kanye-west-scarfTraditionally women’s fashion items, scarves have become increasingly appealing to men, recently.  Celebrities such as Kanye West and Johnny Depp have been seen wearing scarves as well as other celebrities seen on the red carpet.  With this increase in demand for scarves, naturally, the promotional apparel industry is ready for the challenge.

fashion-scarvesAs scarves become a more popular fashion item, it is always a good idea to look into incorporating scarves to your company’s promotional marketing campaigns.  Since we know the promotional products industry is ready with a vast selection of scarves in different colors, patterns and fabrics (including fleece, acrylic, bamboo, wool and cashmere), we also know there is a scarf for every target market.

A few ways scarves can be used promotionally is to use scarves for end-of-the-year corporate gifts, as incentive items or for corporate travel destination gifts.  The good thing about scarves is you can purchase them either embroidered-with a logo, promotional message or other imprint-or as a blank item.  This gives an opportunity to use the scarves to your benefit.

So, when you are looking for that special promotional gift or when you are thinking of changing your promotional campaign around, considering the newest fashion trend may just give you the boost you are looking for.

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