5 Ways to Use a T-Shirt for Promotional Marketing

T-ShirtT-Shirts are one of the most popular promotional items out there.  Why?  For one thing, everyone likes getting a free t-shirt.  For another, businesses like giving away or selling t-shirts because customers who receive or buy the shirts are likely to wear it around (because they like receiving the shirt) – providing a different kind of advertisement for the business.

T-shirts are very popular because they can come in any sort of style and color to match company, business or event colors.  What’s more is there are a variety of decorating techniques to help make your t-shirt stand out.  This means there is room for creativity, so your shirt stands out from the other shirts that your customers may have been given.

If you need help deciding how to giveaway or sell a t-shirt, here are 3 ways to use a t-shirt for your promotional marketing.

1. Giveaway a t-shirt to customers who use your product or service.

This can be part of a direct mailing campaign or can be used for in-store promotions.  For example, the first 100 people to purchase a specific product (or service) will receive a free shirt.

2. Incorporate a free t-shirt with social media platforms.

Create a promotion that offers a free t-shirt to new Facebook likes or to everyone that follows your new Google+ page.

3. Free t-shirt for participants in your event.

If you are hosting a fundraiser or event, encourage participation by offering a free t-shirt to all that show up to your event and partake in the festivities.  For example, if you are hosting a blood drive, give a free t-shirt to all that donated blood.

4. Sell t-shirts as a memorabilia item at your restaurant, bar or other place of business.

This works well for bars, restaurants, food establishments and other businesses located near tourist areas.  Normally, when people are on vacation, they like to purchase items that remind them of where they have been and a t-shirt is perfect for them to bring home to show friends and family members.  This is good for the business as it gives the opportunity to advertise in different parts of the county and possibly giving the business a “destination” for future visitors.

5. Sell t-shirts during your fundraiser or event to raise money for a cause.

Selling a trendy t-shirt is one way that will help you raise money during your event or fundraiser.  The kicker is that the t-shirt should say something about how the recipient did X for X cause to make the recipient feel good about their accomplishment.

One last tip: If you are planning on selling or giving away t-shirts for your promotional marketing campaign, remember, design is everything.  If you make sure the design of the t-shirt you are giving away or selling  is a trendy design, this makes the t-shirt a shirt worth wearing, creating a larger chance that your t-shirts will be worn (think advertising) or sold.

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