Don’t Hesitate, Donate! Tips to Creating Awareness of Your Fudraiser

One thing that we see during the holiday season that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside is the generosity towards others.  People donate gifts and food throughout the season so that those less fortunate can have a better holiday.  But why stop there?  All throughout the year there are several causes that would greatly benefit from donations from the general public.  A great way to provide this is help is by organizing a fundraiser or a charity.

Fundraisers can serve a variety of purposes to help others with different needs such as providing backpacks for children to donating blood or supplies for disaster relief.  A great way to spread the word about your fundraiser or charity is to use promotional products.  Not only can promotional products spread the word, they can also serve as an encouragement to get people involved.

There are many different ways to approach your strategy of using promotional products to create awareness of your fundraiser or charity.  First, sending out a direct mail piece to your target market would be a great way to inform them of your cause.  To catch their eye, use a custom package that will stand out from other items of mail.  Inside, you could insert a small promotional product such as a pop up calendar with the date of the event highlighted as well as a brief description of the cause.

To encourage participation at the event, you could offer customized promotional products that showcase the charity or event.  T-shirts are a great gift to those that participated so that they can proudly show their support.  A drawstring backpack is also a great token of appreciation to say thank you for your help.  Stickers and pens are also terrific items to pass out among the participants.

To make your charity or fundraiser more successful, consider using promotional products to help boost awareness and participation and will help you keep the spirit of caring and generosity alive throughout the year.

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