QR Codes Going Above and Beyond

By now we are sure that you have seen a Quick Response (QR) code in one way or another.  If not, a QR code is simply a matrix bar code made up of small squares that are arranged in a unique pattern on a white background.  When these codes are  scanned by a QR reader on a device such as a smartphone, it will link the user to a designated page of information.

In the promotional product world, QR codes have taken already useful items to another level by interacting with the recipient like never before.  Often times, a promotional product, such as a T-shirt, is imprinted with one of these two dimensional bar codes that will link to the company’s website or social media page for special offers or new information.

In Paris, one man took this idea and transcended it to a whole new level.  Karl Marc of the Mystery Tattoo Club created the first ever animated tattoo.  The tattoo features a QR code among the artwork that brings the tattoo to life when scanned with a QR reader.  The animation can be changed whenever the person desires.  We wonder what is next for the QR code?

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