The Importance of Vector Art on Promotional Products

When it comes to placing a logo on your promotional products, you want to make sure your logo has the best quality possible so that the logo can be resized without distorting the image.  Vector art will help you accomplish this.  “Unlike raster based graphics that use pixels to make up an image, vectors (as they are commonly referred to) are comprised of mathematical shapes, angles, points, lines and color values. This makes them easy to scale without losing resolution or becoming pixelated”, according to‘s website.

For example, say you had a .jpg of your logo.  If you try to make the logo larger, it will become pixelated as in the picture below:Raster Image

As you can see this will not make for a quality logo on a promotional product.  In order to create a vector image, use a program such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW, or Macromedia Freehand.  This way, you will be able to resize your logo without compromising the quality of the image like the image below:Vector Image

It is obvious that the second image has a better quality image as it can still have clean edges when it is resized.  This is the type of image you want to place on a promotional product: a good quality image so your product looks professional.  Look at the tote bags below, which one would you rather give away to your customers?

Tote with Vector Art
Tote with Vector Art
Tote with Distorted Image
Tote with Distorted Image

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