How to Create a Virtual Sample in Our Promotional Product Store

Since the launch of our new Antina Promotions Promotional Product Store, we have been receiving questions about the functionality of our “virtual sample” feature.  The virtual sample feature on our website allows visitors to upload their company logo directly onto some promotional products.  This way, the visitor can see what their logo looks like on the product they choose before they purchase promotional products from our web store.

So, if you happen to be browsing through our site, here are the step-by-step instructions on how to upload your logo onto promotional products on our web store.

1. Go to our Promotional Product Store

2. Use the search bar below the banners to find the promotional products you are looking for.  In this example, we will search for “mugs“.

Search Bar

3. Search through the different product options to find the product you like.  For this example, click on the first item the “C-Handle Mug”.Search Results - Mug

4.  When you click on a product from the search results page, you will see the product description page.  On the product description page, you can check pricing, change the item color, and create a virtual sample.  To create your virtual sample, click on “Create a Virtual Sample”. Promotional Mug

5. On the virtual samples page, click on “Upload a New Logo” at the top of the page to upload your logo.  If you upload your logo and notice there is a white background behind your logo, simply check the box next to “Remove Background Color” and re-upload your logo.

Virtual Sample - Upload Logo



6. If you notice your logo does not quite fit onto the product, you can use the resize controls to change the size and position of your logo.  Simply slide the top bar to the left to make the logo smaller and to the right to make it bigger.  Use the arrows to position the logo how you prefer.Resize Controls

7. Once you have your logo sized and positioned, click SAVE at the bottom right to return to the product page.


8. If you would like to change the color of the product, you can do so from the left menu bar on the product page, just scroll your mouse over the green “Configure Product” menu and the different color choices will appear.  Choose the color you would like and the product color will change (you can also click on one of the color choices below the image).

Color Choices

9. When you click on a color, the color of the product will change and you will be able to see what your logo looks like for each color choice.

Promotional Mug Color Choices

As you can see, this virtual sample feature on our web store allows for better decision making when you want to purchase promotional products by allowing you to see exactly how your product will look before you buy.

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