7 Ways to Use Custom T-Shirts to Advertise Your Company

custom tshirt
Recipients will be more than likely to wear your custom t-shirt if it has a trendy design.

Custom apparel is very common among company’s who want to place logos on their company uniforms.  But, have you ever considered using custom apparel such a custom t-shirt to advertise your company?  If designed properly, custom t-shirts can give your advertising campaign the boost that it may have been looking for.  This is because recipients will more than likely wear the t-shirt.  When they wear the t-shirt, you have a “walking billboard” advertising your company wherever the recipient goes your message will be seen by people around the recipient.

Aside of using a t-shirt as a uniform for your company, here are 7 ways to you can use custom t-shirts to advertise your company today.

1. Give away a t-shirt to new customers who sign up for your services.

2. Hold a contest on one of your social media outlets and give away a free t-shirt to the winner of the contest each week, month, etc.

3. Give away a t-shirt to customers who complete surveys about your company online.

4. Give away a t-shirt to customers as an incentive to sign up for your newsletters.

5. If you are planning on opening a new location for your store or business, give away a free t-shirt to the first X amount of people to walk in the door.

6. Pair a free t-shirt with a promotion.  For example, offer customers to try your product and in return, they will receive a free t-shirt.

7. Send a t-shirt as a thank you gift to your current customers as a way to show appreciation for their business.

These few ideas will hopefully get you started when you are looking for fresh and new ideas to advertise and promote your company.

3 thoughts on “7 Ways to Use Custom T-Shirts to Advertise Your Company

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