Spend Your Marketing Dollars Wisely on Promotional Products

Marketing DollarsThere is nothing worse then spending precious marketing and advertising dollars on an advertising method that does not work.  When it comes to marketing your company,  you always want to make sure that the advertising method you use gives you the best Return on Investment (ROI).  This is where promotional products come in.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s Impressions Study, “the average CPI of an advertising specialty [promotional product] item is $0.004; as a result, marketers get a more favorable return on investment from advertising specialties than nearly any other popular advertising media”.

Let’s compare promotional products to other forms of advertising:

1. TV vs. Promotional Products

ASI’s Impressions Study found that TV ads were five times more expensive than promotional products with a cost per impression of an advertisement on prime time TV being $0.019 and the cost of a t-shirt being $0.005.

2. Radio vs. Promotional Products

This same study also found that spot radio ads can cost up to $0.058 while promotional products remain at a low cost per impression of $0.005.

3. Print Ads vs. Promotional Products

A black and white print ad in a newspaper that takes up half the page gives the advertiser $0.019 per impression while a National magazine ad will cost about $0.033 per impression.

All in all, your best bet to get the most out of your marketing dollars is to use promotional products not just because of their low cost per impressions, but because they are known to give a high ROI since they are relatively inexpensive on their own (with most products under $1.00) and have been proven to increase a company’s customer base and profits.

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