Create Engagement When You Mix Promotional Products with Social Media

Social Media and Promotional Products
Increase Social Media Engagement with Promotional Products

Social media outlets have become a great way for companies to keep in touch with customers whether to pass along a discount or to provide exceptional customer service.  But, what about increasing your efforts by combining promotional products with your social media strategies?

These days, news spreads throughout all social media platforms like wildfire.  Why can’t this news be about your company?  The key to gaining buzz about your company is to create something for your followers to talk about and share with others.  Since people love to get free stuff, try adding promotional products to your social media efforts to not only create more engagement with your followers, but to gain more impressions of your brand.

With that said, here are three ways you can create more engagement and receive more impressions on your social media platforms:

1. Add QR codes to your promotional products to send new followers to your social media sites.

2. Hold contests on Facebook or Twitter and offer a cool promotional product such as a hat or tote bag to the winner or first 100 people to enter the contest.

3. Randomly select a follower who shares your company posts and give away a free promotional item.  creating engagement with your followers by mixing promotional So, what can you  do this is to create engagement with your

These few examples will create engagement with your followers and generate buzz about your company when your followers will “Tweet”, “Post” and/or “Share” with their friends the exciting things your company is doing for them. For example, “ABC Company just sent me this cool t-shirt”.

What’s more, the uses of Instagram and Smartphones or iPhones allow consumers to share photos with a click of a button.  If consumers like your gift well enough, they will be more than likely to share a picture of the promotional items they receive from you.

So, not only will your company create engagement with your consumers, your consumers will create buzz about your company that will be shared with their friends.  The more friends that share your buzz, the more impressions you will gain for your brand.

So, if you are looking to strengthen your brand or or if you are looking to create more engagement with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ followers, promotional products may be key to your success.

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