Create Engagement When You Mix Promo Products with Social Media

With most people constantly “connected”, news spreads throughout all social media platforms like wildfire.  Why can’t this news be about your company?

Especially on social media!

Engagement on social media platoforms is a huge part of business practices, these days. A few ways companies have used social media to expand their presence is by showcasing their brand, advertising, generating buzz, keeping in touch with clients and providing customer service.

While these are a few of the ways social media channels can be used, incorporating promo products into your social media strategies can be another effective way to create engagement.

The key to creating engagement for your company is to create something for your followers to talk about and share with others.  Since people love to get free stuff, adding promotional products to your social media efforts will not only help you create more engagement with your followers, you be able to gain more impressions of your brand.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a “call to action” to your promotional products to send others to your preferred social media site (adding a QR code can work just as well).
  • Offer a free promotional item to anyone who likes your page
  • Hold contests on Facebook or Twitter and offer a promotional item to the winner or the first 100 people to enter the contest.
  • Give away a free item and encourage others to post a photo of the item on their social media page. The person with the most “likes” or “shares” or whomever you choose at random will get a “grand prize”.
  • Randomly select a follower who frequently comments, shares and likes your company posts and give away a free promotional item.

While these are only a few things you can do to create more followers, engagement and impressions, there are many different strategies you can develop that fit with your company’s business model and goals.

The idea behind using a promotional item is the item needs to be an item everyone will “want” to get too.  The way people find out about it is if your customers like your gift well enough, they will be more likely to share that your company gave something to them.

Not only will your company create engagement with your consumers, your consumers will create buzz about your company that will be shared with their friends.  The more friends that share your buzz, the more impressions you will gain for your brand.

So, if you are looking to strengthen your brand or or if you are looking to create more engagement with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ followers, think about using promotional products as a part of your social media strategy.

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