Promotional Products Can Help Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and people everywhere are organizing or participating in events or fundraisers that benefit breast cancer related charities.  One popular event is the walk.  People who have been affected by the disease as well as those simply offering support come together at these walks to raise money, awareness and hope.

If you are hosting a fundraising event, keep in mind that promotional products help amplify your efforts at raising awareness and support. Here are a few examples of products you may choose that will help you make your fundraising walk a success.

Before the walk takes place, several promotional items can be used to raise awareness about the event in the community.  Products like banners, fliers and yard signs are just a few promotional items that help spread the word.

For the day of the event, give participants a few promotional gifts for their participation.  For example, pink t-shirts worn by all the walkers will easily show how many supporters there are.  Other gifts, such as visors, backpacks, water bottles, name badges, pedometers and silicone wristbands are some other top gits that any supporter would love to receive.

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