Product Review: Custom Monopoly(R) Game

Have you ever wanted to have your own custom Monopoly(R)  game?  Now you can!  Antina Promotions now offers a completely customized version of the original MONOPOLY(R) game where you can buy, sell and trade your company’s assets.  Custom Monopoly Game

In this original game, you will be able to customize the following:

  • Package Design
  • Game Tokens (6)
  • Game board spaces and center image
  • Custom Money (in 7 denominations)
  • Platform tray
  • House/hotel color
  • Custom Rules for What’s the Same and What’s Different
  • Chance & Community Chest card design as well as content
  • Deed card back

So, if you are looking to celebrate an anniversary, launch a new business, create incentives for your employees, send a gift to your customers and more!  Give us a call today and we will help you customize your own Monopoly(R) game.

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