Promotional Items for Your Next Golf Event

Whether you are hosting a golf tournament, a golf outing or a fun golf scramble, it is always a good idea to have promotional items available for all attendees at your next golf event.  This is so attendees will be able to take something away with them no matter what shape their scorecard is in.  Also, these items can act as a keepsake for attendees to remember the great time they had at your event.  A few great products to give away to all attendees at your events are:

Pack of Golf Balls

Golf Ball Tube

Divot Tool with Ball Marker

Divot Tool with Ball Marker

Golf Towel

Golf Towel

Custom Golf Bag Tag

Golf Bag Tag

Tee Pack

Golf Tee Pack

Promotional prizes can also be awarded to the top players:

Golf Club Covers

Golf Club Cover

Golf Bag

Golf Bag

Golf Bag Umbrella

Golf Club Umbrella

Golf Gloves

Golf Glove

Case of Golf Balls

Custom Titleist Golf Balls

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