Product Review: KEYZEE

Keyzee. The key-tag that makes it easy to add and remove keys!

The best promotional products are taken everywhere and generate multiple impressions over a long period of time.  At my last industry trade show, I came across a promotional product that does just that and more!  It’s called the KEYZEE!

Have you ever endured the difficulties of trying to put a key on or take one off of a key-ring?  Maybe you broke a nail or two trying to perform this daunting task?  With the Keyzee, you can wave good bye to these troubles.

The Keyzee a keytag with a rounded top with a pointy end.  The top part is where your company’s imprint is placed.  On the pointy end, there is a small “pick-like” feature on the bottom that effortlessly opens a key-ring, allowing easy access to add or remove keys.

The shape of the Keyzee ensures that it will stand out from all other keytags on your key-ring.  But, that’s not all.  The keyzee also doubles as a useful tool.  Simply clip the Keyzee on your key-ring, use the point to separate the rings on your key-ring, and VOILA!  The Keyzee opens up the ring so you can easily add and remove keys on your key-ring.  No more broken nails or spending time trying to get a key onto a key ring.

Any automotive, real estate, nail salon or any other industry or promotion dealing with keys, key-rings or nails would perfectly pair with the KEYZEE.

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