How Antina Promotions is Different

Antina Promotions is an innovative promotional product group that helps companies, organizations and groups stand out with promotional products.  But, what makes Antina Promotions different from any other promotional product provider?  Here are a few reasons why Antina Promotions is a promotional product company you can trust.

1. We do not just sell products, we offer services to help you use promotional products effectively so you can get the most out of your promotional product advertisement.

Sure, you can go online and buy 1000 magnets and hand them out here and there.  But, do you know if these 1000 magnets give you the results you are looking for?  Are you sure you picked a product that will help you stand out?  Are you sure these products best represent your company or promotion?

By working with us, we help you pick products that will best represent your company, event or promotion.  We also help you utilize promotional products as advertising tools that will help you stand out, get more impressions and get the results you are looking for.

2. We work one on one with each of our clients to better understand their individual needs.

At Antina Promotions, we believe that no two promotions or companies are alike.  By paying attention to our clients and finding out their specific needs and goals, we are able to provide more effective options that will help our clients reach their goals.

3. We love to be creative by generating fresh ideas for each client, for each promotion, for each event.

Promotional products are our life.  Helping others to use promotional products effectively is our true passion.  We love finding new and creative ways to use promotional products and passing our creative ideas to those that need help promoting their company, organization or event in a new, fresh and creative light.

If you are looking for promotional products and are need of fresh ideas, call the promotional product group that is on your side.  We can be reached at 248-254-3845.  And remember, we take your promotions personally.

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