How Promotional Products Can Help Your New Business

Great product or service…check.  Business plan…check.  Office…check.  Advertising campaign…hmm.

Starting a business can be a  busy time full of planning and preparations for grand opening day.  When it comes to advertising your new business, have you considered using promotional products to promote your grand opening?  You may have ran an ad in the local paper or posted fliers around town, but a promotional product campaign could really give your new company a huge boost in the right direction.

One way you can use promotional products to announce the grand opening of your business to the community is a mailing campaign.  While an ordinary post card or flier can aid in announcing the grand opening of your business, will recipients actually pay attention to it?  More than likely, no.

Using a bulky custom package or adding a small but useful promotional product relating to your business to a direct mail piece will increase the probability that your announcement will be opened and viewed.  The idea of including a promotional product here is to:

1. Catch your audience’s attention so they will more than likely pay attention to your advertisement.

2. Since you are sending a tangible item to your audience, the product will be kept for a longer period of time, generating several more impressions of your company’s brand.

3. Will generate buzz about your company as the eye-catching, tangible item will surely have people talking to their friends and family about how a new company sent them X product.

Another way to attract customers to your new business is to establish a referral program with a promotional product as a reward.  For example, a new health studio could give new members a complimentary performance shirt printed with the company’s logo and information and offer a secondary gift such as a customized gym bag if they get a friend to join.

There are many different ways promotional products can help start up businesses advertise and gain more customers.  Antina Promotions is a promotional product company that helps start up businesses come up with ideas like this and more to help new businesses grow.  Call us today to see how we can help you on your next promotional product campaign.

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