The Power of Promotional Bags

Promotional BagsWhen it comes to effective promotional products, promotional bags are among the most effective logoed wearable.  According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI’s) 2008 Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, bags were reported to be used most frequently, where respondents said they used their logoed bags an average of 9 times a month.  The study also indicated that bags deliver the most impressions per month with an average of 1038 impressions.

Not only are totes and bags great promotional items because of the repeated exposure they provide to your brand, they are also least likely to be thrown out when you give them away.  If anything, recipients will give the bag to someone they know.

Also, the best kinds of bags to place your logo on are ones that your target markets will find most useful.  For example, to get the most out of your advertising, try placing your logo on a reusable grocery tote, a tote bag, sling bag or even a backpack.  This way, your target audience will have a reason to use this bag over and over which means more exposure for your company.

Lets say for instance you gave away a few reusable shopping totes to your customers.  Your customers would then likely use the bags on their future trips to the grocery store.  While the tote is being carried around, other shoppers will see your company name on the bag creating multiple impressions and giving your brand more recognition.

All in all, bags are great promotional tools because they can provide repeated exposure of your company.  When your customer is carrying your bag around town, it is like they are a walking advertisement, making others familiar with your company’s brand.

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