Promotional Ideas for the Real Estate Market

Promotional giveaways are very popular when trying to create brand awareness.  In the case of a Real Estate agent or agency, giving away promotional items will keep your name or your company’s name in your customer’ minds until they close on the property…and beyond.  For example, give a customer a small token, imprinted with your contact information and logo.  Your customer will always remember who spent all those hours helping them find their dream home.  Need some inspiration?  Here are three ways you, as a real estate agent or agency can get your name out there, create more sales, and thank your customers for buying a house through you.

1. Company Promotions

Imprinted House MagnetWhen trying to promote your agency, handing out items that your potential or current customers can keep in their homes is a great way to help them remember you are there for them when they need you.  If it is a useful item, it is more likely that prospects and customers will either keep the item or give it to a friend.

For example, an imprinted house magnet that also serves as a note holder would more than likely be kept on the prospects refrigerator.  Therefore, every time someone passes by or opens the refrigerator your magnet will catch their attention.

Multi-Ring Key Ring2.  Giveaway Items At An Open House

When your company is hosting an open house, try passing out a small promotional item to prospects who visit and walk through the home you are showing.  When you give these prospects a small token, they will be sure to remember you.  Even if they do not purchase the house being shown, they will still have a keepsake from your company with all your contact information.

A great gift idea to give away at an open house is a multi-ring key ring.  This item allows users to sort their keys while still keeping them together.  The quick release action allows homeowners to lock up their house while warming their car.

3. Give Clients a Gift When They Buy a Home

Grow Pot SetWhen clients purchase a home through you or your agency, it is always nice to give them a small gift as a thank you for purchasing from you.  A promotional item would be a great gift because the homeowner receiving the gift will never forget who gave the gift to them.  Also, the people who do not live in the house like children, grandchildren, parents, friends, etc. will see the wonderful gift given to the homeowner along with the logo of the person who gave the gift to them.

An example of a gift to give to a new homeowner would be a grow pot set with flowers for your new homeowner to plant and display in their new home.  This is a fun item that the new homeowner will be able to keep in their home as a decorative item.

All in all, promotional giveaway items are great marketing tools that help you stand out from competitors.  Giving a customer a small token, imprinted with contact information is a great way to keep your name or company’s name in customers’ minds.  In the Real Estate market, agents and companies can use promotional items to get their name out, create more sales and even thank customers for buying a home through them.

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