Distressed and Burnout: 2 Trendy T-Shirt Styles

Are you looking for a new style of t-shirt that is both trendy and fun?  Two great choices to get you started are the distressed and burnout t-shirts.  Popular among the Gen Y set, distressed and burnout tees are two styles of shirts that take the ordinary cotton t-shirt to the next level.  A combination of unique and trendy, these shirts create a worn look that screams vintage.

Distressed T-Shirts

Distressed t-shirts, also known as Destroyed t-shirts, are casual tees that have grinding on the hems to create a choppy or torn look.  These shirts are not completely torn to make the shirt look old and battered, they are somewhat torn to add a little character to the shirt.  Distressed t-shirts also have a mineral-wash finish to create random color variations on the shirt.  This feature adds to the vintage look by creating a more unique color scheme.

Distressed T-Shirt

Burnout T-Shirts

Burnout t-shirts are created with a “burnout” technique which literally burns a random design on a cotton/polyester blend t-shirt.  This makes the shirt partly sheer on the burned areas.  While this shirt can be worn by itself, wearing it over a solid color shirt creates a fun layered look.  Also, what’s great about this shirt is that the design is static and will not peel, fade or wash away.

Burnout T-Shirt

The distressed and burnout look on t-shirts are both fun and trendy styles of clothing that take a plain cotton t-shirt to the next level.  Whether you are looking for a unique design that covers the entire t-shirt or a shirt that has a few minor touches to add character, these are two types of shirts that will definitely add a vintage flair to your wardrobe.

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