Social SnapTags: The Better QR Code?

Social SnapTagBy now, you have probably heard of, seen or even used a QR Code (or Quick Response Code).   Now, there is a new 2D mobile bar code solution: the Social SnapTag which was created by mobile marketing company, SpyderLynk.  The Social SnapTag is like a QR code, but instead of being made up of square patterns, the SnapTag is made out of a code ring with a logo or a picture on the inside.  The code rings are aligned in a pattern of bars and breaks that generate information to be sent straight to the user.

How does it work?

Like a QR Code, a SnapTag can be scanned by almost any mobile phone.   Users with a camera phone can take a picture of the code and text the photo to a short code indicated on the SnapTag.  Iphone and Android users can scan the codes with a SnapTag reader.  This reader can be obtained by visiting the Apple App Store or Android Market.  Or, users with an iPhone or Android can text “APP” to 33218, and the link to download the app will be sent to their phone.

According to, SnapTags are as easy as “Snap, Like, Get, Share”.  This simply describes the process of using a SnapTag:  Users “Snap” a shot of the icon from their phone with the SnapTag reader or camera.  Users then get sent to a page that give them a chance to “Like” a social media outlet with an incentive (like 10% off product or service).  Then, users “Get” the deal once they like the social media outlet by filling out a small form.  Finally, users have the option to “Share” the deal with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.  For more information, has an interactive demonstration so everyone can see what this code is all about.

What is the difference between a QR Code and a SnapTag?

There is not really a big difference between QR Codes and SnapTags.  The main difference is QR Codes are not brandable.  SnapTags are more personalized codes as you can add an image or logo in the center of the rings.  SnapTags are also more interactive than QR Codes.  For example, SnapTags drive results by adding an opt-in campaign opposed to sending users to a single website like a QR Code.  This, in turn, produces more data as SnapTags track likes, promotional conversion and shares while QR Codes only report the number of times the code is scanned.

It seems that SnapTags may be the better solution when it comes to 2D bar codes.  Not only do SnapTags look better than a QR Code, they are more interactive and personable.  Also, the results are better when it comes to tracking information sent through the code.  All in all, SnapTags make for a better and more complete marketing campaign.

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