5 Types of Bracelets to Consider for your Next Event

When trying to put together an event whether it be a concert, an awareness event or even a fundraiser, a creative way to market the event is  necessary.  There are many promotional products that can be used to promote such events.  Bracelets are one product that can add flair, fun and leave long lasting impressions on participants.

Wristbands can help create awareness before, during or after an event.  For example, passing out bracelets before an event can create awareness that you have an event coming up.  Some bracelets may even help you entice people to show up to your event by allowing you to offer free items during the day of the event.

During an event, wristbands are usually seen when the event host is trying to differentiate one group from another.  For example, they can be given to patrons who are allowed VIP access at an event, they can also give access to special seating at a concert or they can separate the underage drinkers from the of-age drinkers at a bar.  They can also sometimes be seen at a fair or carnival, where the bracelet is used as a prepaid bulk ticket so wearers can get on rides without tickets.

If you pass out, give away, or sell the more durable type of bracelet before or during an event people may continue to wear your bracelet after the event has passed.  This gives you exposure of your service, event or cause once the event is over.

The types of bracelets that will give you maximum exposure and should be considered in your event plan are strongbands, vinyl bands, cash tab bands, silicone bracelets and slap bracelets.


Strongbands are paper bracelets with security adhesive on one end that allows the bracelet to stay on someone’s wrist even when exposed with water.   Each band is consecutively numbered so it is easy for you to count the number of patrons who show up at your event.

Strong Paper Wrist BandVinyl Band

These wristbands are made of a three layer comfortable vinyl.  They are durable and fully waterproof.  The closure is secured by locking plastic snaps.

Vinyl WristbandCash Tab Wristbands

Made of the same material as the vinyl band, the only difference is the cash tab wristbands come with removable tabs that the wearer can snap off in order to redeem free items or prizes.  These would be great to use at concerts where customers receive a free t-shirt, or a free drink – or both when they prepay for the bracelet.

Cash Tab BraceletSilicone Bracelets

Silicone bracelets are infamous for raising awareness.   Made of silicone, these bracelets can be imprinted in a variety of ways.  Your logo or message can be debossed, embossed, printed and even laser engraved.  These bracelets can be given out at fundraisers as a free gift, can be given out to participants in the event and can also be passed out to spread awareness for a cause.

Silicone WristbandSlap Bracelets

Previously popular in the late 80’s early 90’s, these once trendy bracelets are making a comeback.  Slap bracelets have a thin piece of metal inside that will wrap around the wearer’s wrist once “slapped” against it.  These bracelets are not only fun to wear they are a great product to hand out or sell for a fundraiser.

Slap Bracelet

Bracelets make for an inexpensive and creative way to add fun, flair and leave a lasting impression on participants to your event.  Usually used when one group needs to be distinguished from another, they can also create awareness as they are fun to wear before, during and after an event.

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