Going Green with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

More and more people are starting to go “green” by finding items made of eco-friendly materials.  Luckily, there are eco-friendly promotional items and clothing out there that can easily be branded with a company’s logo.  Sustainable clothing and non-apparel products can be made out of a variety of materials.  Some of these materials include bamboo, hemp and corn.


Bamboo MaterialBamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and does not require pesticides to grow.  The pulp of the bamboo is transformed into fibers that create material that is both durable and soft – so soft, it feels like a mix between cashmere and silk.  Bamboo clothing is also more breathable than cotton and has antimicrobial and UV-resistant properies.

Non apparel products can also be derived from bamboo.  These products represent a wooden appearance and texture.  Some examples of products that have been made from bamboo are t-shirts, golf towels, USB flash drives and pens.


CornUnlike bamboo and hemp, corn has to be processed before it can be converted into fabric or plastic.  To make corn fabric, dextrose, a simple sugar found in corn, has to be pulled from the corn to be fermented in order to produce lactic acid.  After it is converted to lactic acid, the water is removed and turned into fabric.  Corn fabric garments have moisture-wicking, UV resistant and low odor retention properties and is also stain-resistant.

Corn plastic, or sometimes Poly Lactide Acid (PLA) is made the same way as corn fabric and is 100% biodegradable.  When corn is made into PLA, PLA can be transformed into clothing and products.  PLA clothing is known for its elasticity, as it will keep its shape after multiple washings.  PLA is also known for its ability to spread moisture through fabric so it can evaporate more easily.

Some examples of corn products are pens, mugs, golf tees, plastic cups and biodegradable bags.


HempHemp is another sustainable material that does not require pesticides or fertilizer to grow.  Hemp is three times stronger than cotton but not as soft.  It has antimicrobial and UV-resistant properties and is also very breathable.

Hemp is mainly used to make clothing.  Since hemp is not as soft as cotton, it is usually used in a blend and is used to add durability to a garment.  For example, bamboo mixed with organic cotton gives you a soft and durable garment.

Hemp has been known to be made into a variety of garments and items such as t-shirts, hoodies, wallets, shopping bags and hats.

Bamboo, corn and hemp are just a few examples of sustainable materials that can be used to make eco-friendly promotional items.  By buying products made from these materials, it is easy to brand your company’s name on products while sending the message that your company cares about the environment.

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