Promotional Product Marketing for Insurance Companies

If you work in the insurance industry and are looking for new and creative ways to boost sales, you should consider giving out promotional products as incentives to new and existing customers.  If used properly, promotional products can be used as motivational tools to show your customers you value their business.

Prospecting New Customers

If you are looking to gain new customers, promotional products work as great incentive tools to give new customers the boost they need to buy from your company.  For example, giving a free product to a potential customer just for getting a quote may sway them to purchase a plan.  In addition, giving a free product with a purchase of a plan, works just as well by motivating customers to choose your company.  Some examples of products that can be given are:

Car Insurance

  • Road hazard kits that include flashlights, ponchos, tire pressure gauges, etc.
  • Ice Scrapers that latch onto car visors
  • Pocket organizers to keep insurance cards in order in the car

Health and Life Insurance 

  • First aid kit
  • Pedometers
  • Stress Relievers

Sell to Existing Customers

Promotional items can also help sell products and services to existing customers.  For example, when trying to sell additional coverage to customers, offering a free promotional product just for adding life insurance to their car insurance policy is an easy way to encourage customers to upgrade their services.

Another way to engage existing customers to make more sales, is to add promotional products into your referral programs.  When you add an incentive, like a promotional product to your referral program, customers will have more of a reason to let their friends know your company takes the time to think about its customers.

By offering promotional products as incentives to customers, your company will be able to show how it values its customers.  It shows you care.  Whether you are trying to gain new customers or sell to existing customers, using promotional products is a great way to generate more buzz and more sales for your company.

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