An Active Lifestyle Makes Way for Active Clothing

Not too long ago performance apparel was seen only in the gym or on the field.  However, as people are becoming more active in their lifestyles, performance wear has gained popularity as a new fashion trend.  This has given way to wonderful advances in the design of performance apparel, increasing both the function and fashion of the clothing.  A few desirable qualities in performance wear are moisture wicking, antimicrobial and anti-wrinkle.

Moisture Wicking Apparel

Moisture wicking has become somewhat of a standard when deciding what features are a must have in your performance pieces.  Moisture wicking fabric works by drawing moisture off of the skin to the outside of the fabric.  This is ideal because the moisture evaporates faster on the outside of the clothing compared to sitting on the inside of the fabric.  If moisture sits on the inside of the fabric, it can soak into the fabric creating a stain.  

Antimicrobial Apparel

Antimicrobial materials are also used in performance wear because they take away odors.  Antimicrobial clothing is great on a hot, humid or sunny day when you are more than likely to perspire.   While perspiration is odorless, bacteria on your skin cause odor to form on your clothing.  The antimicrobial properties chemically destroy or inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria that is spread from your skin to the fabric.

Anti-Wrinkle Apparel

Anti-wrinkle fabric is another positive feature to have in performance wear.  Day-to-day wear and laundering causes creases and folds in your garments.  But, the addition of anti-wrinkle treatment can help you avoid unwanted wrinkles.  Anti-wrinkle treatment works to create a 3-D, invisible structure that allows the fabric to recover to its initial shape making it a great feature to add to your performance wear wardrobe.

If you are looking to increase the function and fashion of your active wardrobe, performance wear would be the way to go.  Garments treated with moisture wicking, antimicrobial or anti-wrinkle properties would be a few great choices to start with.  Not only are these qualities trendy, they also have properties that help your clothing last longer and look great.

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