Pens: The Most Effective Promotional Product

As inexpensive advertising mediums, promotional pens are among the most effective promotional products out there.   This is because pens are used every day across all industries.  Not only that, pens are easy to distribute, which makes them excellent giveaway items.  From plastic, to metal to multi-function, there is a pen for every kind of occasion or promotion.

Plastic Pens  

When you want to give away an inexpensive, yet effective promotional product to your target markets, a plastic pen is perfect for you.  Plastic pens are the most common and most popular types of pens because of the variety of customization options.  For example, logos can be placed on the clip, barrel, cap or trim.

Plastic pens also come in a variety of styles.  The stick pen is the most popular as the elongated barrel offers a larger imprint area.  Plastic pens can also come in the click-action or twist styles.

Metal Pens

When you are looking for a more polished and professional look, try adding your logo to a metal pen.  Metal pens, or executive pens, are higher quality, heavier pens that come in a more durable and sleek design.  Metal pens also have the option to be laser engraved.  Sounds expensive, right?  Technically, metal pens are the more expensive breed of pen, but there are also budget friendly options so you still get the expensive look and feel without burning a hole in your pocket.

In addition to using metal pens as an every day promotional item, these higher quality pens also make a wonderful corporate gift.

Multi-Function Pens

Perfect for multitasking, these pens can wear many hats which makes them great to have around on a busy day.  Multi-function pens go beyond writing and making great advertising tools by becoming practical and helpful devices.   These pens can also serve as a pencil, a stylus, an eraser, a laser pointer, a highlighter or even a USB drive.  When you are trying to pass out something unique and useful, multi-function pens are the perfect option.

Whether you are trying to have fun with your logo on a plastic pen, impress your customers with an executive pen, or give them an unexpected gift with a multi-function pen, pens remain the most effective promotional product around.

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